About Us – Gas Detection Systems – Gas Leak Detection

Panthergas Direct Ltd supply, install, manufacture, design, service and maintain gas detection systems, gas detectors, gas safety systems and other types of detection systems in all types of commercial and domestic premises.

We carry out works within all types of commercial premises such as;

Boiler room, plant room, workshops, commercial kitchens, laundry rooms, pub cellars, residential apartments and flats, void detection and more.

We design all kinds of bespoke systems and provide off the shelf ex stock systems to suit any application such as; Gas detection systems, gas detector systems, gas interlock systems, automatic shut down gas detection systems, heat detection systems, CO detection, CO2 detection, LPG gas detection and all other types of gas.

Gas detection systems and gas detectors can prevent a high level of gas escape from a leaking pipe or any other means of leaking. Gas detection systems can provide an automatic shut down and/or alarm system to highlight a gas leak problem or high levels of combustion gas in a specific area.

Gas detection is used to monitor for the accidental release of fuel gases including Natural gas and LPG. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide a by-product of combustion, which is often caused by inefficient burning or extraction of fuels can also be detected.

The gas detection system would normally interface with the fuel supply and automatically shut down the combustion process on detection of flammable gases or toxic gases.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a no obligation quotation and design of your gas detection system.

Applications include both commercial and domestic. Safety is ensured by fixed mains powered gas detection systems which automatically isolate the gas supply in the event of a gas leak being detected.

Panther Gas Direct Ltd provides solutions for;
– Boiler rooms, Plant rooms, Garages  & Work shops
– Laboratories, Design and Technology rooms
– Mechanical Handling Equipment battery charging Rooms
– Car Park CO Detection Systems
– Flame Detection Systems
– Leak Detection Systems for Water, Hydrocarbons, Refrigerants and Chemicals
– Multi Tenancy properties, Halls of residence, Student accommodations
– Swimming pool plant rooms
– Pub cellars
– Boat Gas Detection
– Caravan and  Mobile Homes
– Domestic installations e.g. gas cooker, gas fire etc.

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