Cellar CO2 Gas Detection System

Cellar CO2 Gas Detection System

The dangers of CO2 in confined spaces cannot be overstated.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used extensively in the pub and catering industries. Leaks from equipment can build up in confined areas. It also can build up in other industries where it can occur including chemical industries, plant growing and fermentation.

Build up of CO2 can be very dangerous in confined spaces resulting in death in extreme cases. Because it is odourless and colourless a person cannot easily detect an increase in CO2.

How to protect from CO2

The CO2 Detector protects by: Detecting the presence of increasing CO2 long before it reaches unsafe levels. Sounding an alarm when a leak is detected. Triggering remote alarms to warn people not to enter the room. Switching on ventilation.

Product Order Code
Carbon Dioxide Detector 360
Carbon Dioxide Remote Alarm 365

Pub cellars

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a hazard to health in cellars, breweries and many licenced premises. A concentration of more than 15% by volume can cause death but it is particullarly dangerous because it would not be detected by a person in the cellar. A single point gas detection system connected to a local sounder and beacon and a remote sounder and beacon can provide warning to staff to vacate an affected cellar or not to enter a dangerous environment.


The Confined Spaces Regulations of 1997 forces employers to be responsible for the health and safety of any employees who could be at risk of CO2 poisoning.

Confined spaces regulations

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