Natural Gas Detection Systems

Natural Gas Detection Systems

Why do you need Natural Gas detection?

The natural gas used by consumers is colourless and almost odourless which is why a small amount of odorant is added, causing the gas to smell like rotten eggs, but this may not be picked up by a person with a normal sense of smell. Explosions caused by natural gas leaks occur a number of times each year with homes and small businesses most frequently affected. Often the cause is a build up of gas from an internal leak causing a blast powerful enough to significantly damage the structure of a building and cause injuries to staff. The importance of kitchen gas detection systems cannot be overemphasised as this recent gas explosion at the Churchill Hyatt Regency Hotel in Marlebone shows, when a midnight gas explosion ripped through the hotel kitchen, leaving 14 injured.

Watch this YouTube video of the [ Churchill Hyatt Regency Hotel ] blast.

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